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Adventure K-9’s Philosophy


Hi, I’m Jennifer, founder of Adventure K-9. I have been working with dogs for over twenty years. I have spent several years living with different packs of dogs and have made it my goal to learn as much as possible by observing the way they interact with each other. Watching dogs interact with each other has helped me to gain a clear understanding of how they learn.

I have come to the conclusion that dogs are intelligent beings that desire peace and balance within their pack. If they are approached in a way that they understand, they are willing and have the ability to learn quickly.

Through years of keeping an open mind and consciously trying to learn as much as possible, here are some key things that I keep in mind daily when working with dogs:

  • Dogs are pack animals and need interaction regularly to maintain a healthy state of being
  • While dogs have varying levels of energy, they all need some form of daily physical and mental exercise to maintain balance

There is no one method of training that works for all dogs. Every dog is an individual and needs to be approached on an individual basis. Dogs are bred for many reasons, therefore their natural behaviors are very different from one another. To go even deeper, within each litter of puppies you have a varying scale of personalities.

Approaching a dog based on their individual personality and genetic predisposition will allow for a dog to learn with a lower level of stress and will result in a more permanent outcome with a dog that is happy, calm and willing to learn.
Keep in mind:

  • Our own energy greatly affects the dog’s overall state of mind and behavior
  • Unless there are underlying medical issues, dogs are consistent and predictable. In order for them to understand us, we must be consistent and predictable.

Dogs are at their calmest state when they have a clear understanding of boundaries and expectations.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind to set yourself and your dog up for success:

  • You must learn how to engage your dog
  • You must teach communication markers for both tuning in and tuning out
  • You must teach communication markers for both appropriate and inappropriate behavior, i.e. “Good” and “No”
  • You must teach your dog to maintain self-control in distracting environments

My goal with Adventure K-9 is to help you understand your dog and to assist you in training your dog to respond reliably, with a wagging tail and calm state of mind.

Meet the staff

Jennifer Lackie

Jennifer Lackie


Jennifer Lackie is certified in Training and Behavior and has been working with dogs for over 20 years.

She spent several years developing skills working with other trainers in a collaborative setting, working with extreme cases of problem behaviors and aggression.

Beyond working with pet dogs and owners, Jennifer has experience working with sled dogs and wild animals, giving her an even broader range of experience in the animal world.

In addition to Adventure K-9, she also offers online dog training for people who live outside of the Boise area, and for people who just would prefer to have virtual training.

Likes: Lazy mornings

Dislikes: Beets, even pickled beets, they’re just gross

Chase Cooley

Chase Cooley


Chase has worked as a professional in the animal industry since 2013. He is certified in canine training and behavior and has a natural talent with dogs. Along with training, he has experience in boarding, puppy raising, and daycare. He’s even spent some time in the show ring.

Chase’s broad experience is evident when he is working with dogs. His friendly demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with and his problem-solving skills are top class. We are so happy to have Chase as part of the team at Adventure K-9!

Likes: Spending time with the family

Dislikes: Changing poopy diapers, he hates them!

Amber Lequia

Amber Lequia


Amber has a natural passion for dogs and has from a young age. Growing up in Green Bay, WI, she has a love for hiking, camping, and being outdoors in general. Amber moved to the Boise area in 2012 and never looked back. Her natural ability and past professional experience shine through daily when she is helping people and their dogs.

We feel honored to have such a gifted talent helping our clients succeed with their dogs.

Likes: Singing and dancing in her living room

Dislikes: Being stuck in traffic


Kenny Webster

Kenny Webster


Kenny has lived in Idaho since he was a child and started his career path with dogs early in life. He has been in the military for the past five years.

Training is the natural path Kenny decided to take as he loves creating a bond with dogs and his friendly nature makes him fun to work whether two or four legged. We are so happy to have Kenny on our team!

Likes: Being with family

Dislikes: People that are mean for no reason

Julie Hunt

Julie Hunt


Julie is an Idaho native who has always had a deep love for dogs. After having a reactive dog herself, her true passion for training came alive. She loves the in-depth and continued learning required to make a good trainer and she truly wants to help others succeed with their dogs.

Julie’s passion shows when she is working with the dogs and clients alike.

Likes: Good music

Dislikes: People who don’t return their carts to the cart corral





Brittnie has a lifelong love of dogs. A born native, from Nampa, Brittnie loves her family and likes to get outdoors as much as possible.

Six years ago she decided grooming was her passion and we are so glad she is part of the team. Brittnie’s patient, caring and positive energy is exactly what makes a great groomer. Her skills are obvious at the end of each appointment as the dogs are happy and look great!

Likes: Family get-togethers

Dislikes: Cucumbers, like, she’ll use chopsticks to pick it out of Sushi!