About Adventure K-9

Welcome to the AK9 Family!


We are a team of passionate and driven individuals with a variety of skillsets and specialties. You will probably meet all of us at some point during your training  journey. All of our trainers and training assistants work together to make Adventure K-9 successful.  Our mission is to help you reach your goals with your dog.  Are you ready to join the AK9 Family?

Adventure K-9 Boise Idaho Dog Training

Adventure K-9’s Philosophy


Our approach to training dogs is based on their unique personalities and genetic predispositions. This approach minimizes stress and promotes long-term positive outcomes, resulting in happy, calm dogs that are receptive to learning.

It’s important to note that our energy levels have a significant impact on a dog’s behavior and mindset. Assuming there are no underlying health concerns, dogs are predictable creatures. In order to effectively communicate with them, we must be consistent and predictable in our own behavior.

When dogs understand boundaries and expectations, they become their calmest selves.

Teaching communication markers, such as their name for tuning in and a release for tuning out, as well as “good” and “no” for appropriate and inappropriate behavior, helps to establish this communication and understanding. Our approach emphasizes on training dogs to maintain self-control and focus on their handler, so they can choose their people over any distraction, resulting in reliable responses in many environments. This engagement is vital for dogs, who seek balance and peace in their pack. If approached in a way they understand, dogs are willing and able to learn quickly. Since they are social animals, regular interaction is crucial to their well-being. Regardless of energy levels, daily exercise, both physical and mental, is essential for maintaining balance.

Let’s talk science!

We stay open to all four quadrants of Operant Conditioning, as well as utilizing Classical Conditioning. This all depends on the individual dog and client personality types.

Operant Conditioning involves learning through the consequences of behavior, whether that is positive or negative.

Classical Conditioning is a type of learning that happens unconsciously. When you learn through classical conditioning, an automatic conditioned response is paired with a specific stimulus.

For example: When you clicker train a dog, they hear the click and automatically start salivating because they know their treat is coming.

Our goal at Adventure K-9 is to help you understand your dog, teach you how to have fun with them, and assist you in training your canine companion to respond reliably, with a wagging tail and calm state of mind.


Meet the staff

Jennifer Lackie

Jennifer Lackie

Founder / CEO

Jennifer Lackie is certified in Training and Behavior and has been working with dogs for over 20 years.

She spent several years developing skills working with other trainers in a collaborative setting, working with extreme cases of problem behaviors and aggression.

Beyond working with pet dogs and owners, Jennifer has experience working with sled dogs and wild animals, giving her an even broader range of experience in the animal world.

In addition to Adventure K-9, she also offers online dog training for people who live outside of the Boise area, and for people who just would prefer to have virtual training.

Likes: Lazy mornings

Dislikes: Beets, even pickled beets, they’re just gross




Lead Trainer / Executive Assistant

Amber has a natural passion for dogs and has from a young age. Growing up in Green Bay, WI, she has a love for hiking, camping, and being outdoors in general. Amber moved to the Boise area in 2012 and never looked back. Her natural ability and past professional experience shine through daily when she is helping people and their dogs.

We feel honored to have such a gifted talent helping our clients succeed with their dogs.

Likes: Singing and dancing in her living room

Dislikes: Being stuck in traffic





Julie is an Idaho native who has always had a deep love for dogs. After having a reactive dog herself, her true passion for training came alive. She loves the in-depth and continued learning required to make a good trainer and she truly wants to help others succeed with their dogs.

Julie’s passion shows when she is working with the dogs and clients alike.

Likes: Good music

Dislikes: People who don’t return their carts to the cart corral




Pack Handler/Trainers Assistant

Mikayla is a Boise native with a deep love for the great outdoors. When She’s not working on her degree in Animal Behavior, you can find her exploring the beauty of nature with her loyal companion, Arlo. 

Whether it’s camping under the stars or engaging in seasonal sports, Mikayla thrives in the fresh air and the freedom of the wilderness. Growing up around animals, particularly dogs and horses, has instilled in her a passion for all creatures great and small. 

Likes: Hot springs, music, and quiet mornings

Dislikes: Tap water and waiting in long lines