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Group Classes and workshops

We offer a variety of group classes and workshops in Boise, Idaho

Conveniently located in Boise, Idaho, across from Costco on Cole, we have a variety of group class series and workshops. Whether you are looking for Foundational dog training, fun obstacle course classes, or want to learn how to maintain your pups untamed hair at home, we’ve got you.

Dog training classes are a budget friendly option for those that aren’t afraid to pull up your sleeves and get to work. 

We teach in fun group atmosphere with limited class sizes so you and your dog won’t feel overwhelmed. 

See below for the different group classes and workshops we offer.  


Foundation dog training courseFoundation Course

Learn how to communicate effectively in this 4-week group series. For dogs over 16 weeks of age.

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Puppy Pop In group class 1

Puppy Pop-In

Puppy social hour! This is a monthly drop-in class for puppies under 16 weeks. No lengthy commitments.

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Master dog training programMaster Dog Drop-In

This is our weekly Master Dog Drop-in class. Reserved for our Master Dogs, both active and graduates.

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AKC CGC Group ClassCGC Certification Course

This 8-week group class is designed to help you pass the AKC-Canine Good Citizen test with your dog.

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Intermediate group classIntermediate Course

Working towards off-leash, verbal control. Focus is advancing on Distance, Duration, and Distraction. 

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Dog Obstacle Course TrainingObstacle Course Series

4-week Obstacle Course group series. Learn the Obstacle Course with your dog in a fun group setting.

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