Private Lessons

Individual Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great option if you are looking for specific guidance with your dog. We will work one on one with you and your dog on whatever areas of focus you desire. Whether you are just needing one lesson to work on a couple of specific areas or you do a package to hone your dog training skills, you won’t be disappointed with private lessons. These are perfect for those that want to learn how to teach their dogs new behaviors. For dogs of all ages and temperaments.

Price: $85 on location / $150 in-home

(15% Discount if 3 or more purchased in advance)

Semi-Private Lessons

Have a friend that you want to train with? Whether you have more than one dog or you have a friend that would benefit from training along with you, save money by doing semi-private lessons.

Price: $127.50 double dog on-location
$225 double dog in-home

Puppy Basics

(For puppies under six months of age)

This is an individual lesson to get you set up for success with your puppy. Puppies start learning from the time you bring them into your home. We will help you with proper management techniques along with a basic introduction to communicating with your new addition. Puppy Basics will help with potty training, chewing, crating and all of your puppy questions will be answered.

Price: $85 on location / $150 in-home

(15% Discount if 3 or more purchased in advance)

Adventure Walk

Adventure Walks are a great alternative to doggie daycare.

Training never ends and that is exactly why we decided to incorporate Adventure Walks into our program. While they are super fun and engaging for your dog, they play a key role in your dog’s overall health. During our Adventure Walks, a trainer will pick your dog up from home and start the 1 1/2-2hr excursion. We will work with your dog on self-control, physical exercise, maintenance training, and proper public interaction. We incorporate training in real-life situations, making them more enjoyable for you to handle them in public settings.

Price: $65