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Our Master Dog program is hands down the most efficient way to create peace and happiness with your dog.


If you want to experience ultimate peace and happiness with your dog, then our Master Dog program is the choice for you. This is our most favored dog training program for a reason. Our program is designed to cater to you and your dog’s individual needs, which is why we offer three different levels: Master Dog I (2 week), Master Dog II (4 week), and Master Dog III (6 week). We also offer one week refresher courses for dogs that have completed a minimum of Master Dog I.



We kick off the program with a consultation where we get to know you and your dog and evaluate your specific needs. Once the program commences, we will pick up your dog from your home four days a week and keep them for 4-6 hours per day. During this time, they will receive several burst training sessions that are proven to create motivation in dogs. Along with training, they will also receive supervised socialization with other dogs and handling practice daily. Dog training bus service included in the Boise and Meridian area.

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Our program will teach your dog a comprehensive vocabulary of words and what they mean. Once they understand the words, we move on to practical training, where we teach them how to behave around heavy distractions, similar to what you would face in the real world. Furthermore, we will address any specific issues you are experiencing with your dog.

After your dog has mastered their new behaviors, we will work with you and your dog as a team to ensure that you understand how to use the training properly with your dog. We will provide you with private lessons and group classes so you know exactly how to continue the training once the program has concluded.

With our Master Dog program, you can enjoy the peace and happiness that comes with having a well-behaved dog.

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Master Dog I


  • 2 weeks – four days per week
  • 3 private lessons
  • Basic training equipment
  • 15% off additional lessons

Price: $1600




*Pick up and drop off included in Boise and Meridian. 10% discount for self pick-up/drop-off

Master Dog II


  • 4 weeks – four days per week
  • 5 private lessons for up to (6mo)
  • 3 advanced lessons for up to (6mo)
  • Basic training equipment
  • Weekly drop-in classes (6mo)
  • 15% off additional lessons

Price: $3000


*Pick up and drop off included in Boise and Meridian. 10% discount for self pick-up/drop-off

Master Dog III


  • 6 weeks – four days per week
  • Unlimited private lessons (life)
  • Up to 2 In-home sessions
  • Basic training equipment
  • Advanced training equipment
  • Weekly Drop-in classes (life)

Price: $4300



*Pick up and drop off included in Boise and Meridian. 10% discount for self pick-up/drop-off

Exclusively for our Master Dog Graduates

Social Dog


 *Must complete Master Dog to qualify


  • Four days per week
  • Bus service included
  • Continued Zen-Time
  • Continued manners and vocabulary practice
  • Structured social time with Master Dog friends
  • Weekly nail maintenance and handling practice

Price: $320 per week/$980 per mo

*Pick up and drop off included in Boise and Meridian. 10% discount for self pick-up/drop-off

 Master Dog


 *Must complete Master Dog to qualify


  • Four days per week
  • Specific Training focus based on your needs
  • Private Lesson to cover focuses
  • Continued manners and vocabulary practice
  • Structured social time with Master Dog friends
  • Weekly nail maintenance and handling practice

Price: $650 per week

*Pick up and drop off included in Boise and Meridian. 10% discount for self pick-up/drop-off

Zen Time

Master Dog “Tank”

Master Dog Bus

Master Dog “Mochi”

Master Dog is by far the most effective and quickest way to obtain the training necessary to enjoy your dog.

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Training can be one of the most important investments you give to your dog.

Investing in proper dog training can have a significant impact on your dog’s behavior, ultimately making them a more pleasant companion to be around. Being able to participate in family activities and outings without the worry of your furry friend causing chaos is a wonderful benefit of having a well-trained dog. Not only does this provide an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, but it also sets a positive example for how beneficial dogs can be in our lives. Sadly, countless dogs are abandoned or surrendered to shelters due to their lack of training, highlighting the importance of investing in this crucial aspect of pet ownership.

Most behavior problems can be resolved with a proper education.

Adequate education is key in avoiding or resolving most behavior problems, be it in humans or pets. If children were left to their own devices without proper guidance, chaos would ensue. Similarly, dogs raised without the knowledge of societal expectations and appropriate behavior could lead to disastrous consequences. As they grow older, what was once cute and endearing could become downright problematic. Hence, it falls upon us as pet owners to provide them with the tools they need to thrive in our human world. When shown the right way, pets are willing and happy to do what is expected of them, and it is our responsibility to equip them for success.

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What is the difference between Master Dog I, II, and III?

During Master Dog I, your dog will learn how to respond to a list of words. While you will still have to learn and practice these words with your dog for them to be reliable with you, Master Dog II takes the training to the next level. We will have an additional 2 weeks to work with your dog and solidify the new words, adding in more distractions and distance. This extra two-weeks helps condition your dog to respond quickly and it makes the transfer process to you easier. Master Dog III gives us even more time to generalize and continue advancing through the stages of training.

Master Dog I includes three private lessons to ensure your dog is responding to the new words properly. With Master Dog II, you will have the opportunity to do several sessions to be sure that your communication is effective. Master Dog III offers unlimited lessons as well as an additional long-line for distance work.

Do I need to be home for you to Pick up/Drop off my dog?

No. We will establish a regular schedule for pick up drop off. If you are unable to be home during those times, we just need to gain access to your dog and have a safe spot to put them when we drop them off. We can discuss arrangements during your initial appointment.

What would my dog and I get out of the Master Dog program?

We are professional trainers, meaning that we have made a living by training literally thousands of dogs. These are dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds and dogs with various and sometimes extreme behavior issues. This means it is natural for us to evaluate, read and decipher exactly what is necessary to obtain our training goals.

The most confusing and frustrating part of training for handler and dog is the acquisition phase. It is crucial in this early stage of learning to be able to read the dog and guide them in the correct manner so as not to confuse the dog or cause them to become frustrated and quit altogether. It is important to know when they need a little extra guidance and encouragement, or when to push them to reach the next step of training.

Timing and consistency are crucial parts of the acquisition process as well as knowing when to change something if it is not working for that particular dog. 

These are all necessary steps in successful training and the process is natural and proficient when done by a professional. If as a handler, you are not able to be fluent or have a clear picture of your goal, how can you teach the dog what you want? Imagine trying to teach someone a language that you are not familiar with yourself.

Once the new behaviors have been acquired, the training will then be transferred to you. This is a much easier and enjoyable process as the dog has already obtained the behaviors you are asking for. 

Master Dog makes the training process much easier for you and your dog to learn. This gives your dog a positive attitude towards training and results in a dog that not only likes training, but one that wants to please you.

This is a lifetime worth of skills that will help in making the bond between you and your dog stronger.

At what age should training start?

Training should start as early as possible. Dogs begin learning as soon as they can see, hear and move. It starts with the mother and littermates.

Once you bring your dog home, they are learning what is acceptable and what is not. If they aren’t learning the right behaviors, then they are learning the wrong ones. The more time that goes by, those incorrect learned behaviors are being reinforced every day. The longer learned behaviors are being inadvertently reinforced, the harder it will be to work through those behaviors. Saying that, keep in mind that old dogs can learn new tricks, but it will take more time to get them where you want.

Master Dog can be started as early as 16 weeks, or when they have received their final set of vaccinations.

Will Master Dog help with behavior problems?

There are many steps in working through any behavior problem. In short, step one is to teach specific behaviors/vocabulary such as sit, down and come. These are tools used to work through specific behavior problems. Once your dog has acquired a solid vocabulary, you can use these to replace existing negative behaviors. When you use proper management along with proper training to teach the dog what you want, over time, you can reduce or remove these past behavior problems.

During Master Dog, we work each dog, focusing on their individual needs and temperament, working on the specific behavior issues you are having.

Please contact us for more information on the specific issues you are experiencing.

What should I expect when the program is finished?

When the program has concluded, your dog will have a solid education and you will now have the knowledge to work with your dog.

You and your dog will have a clear plan so it will be easy to transfer the training into your daily lives together.

After a bit of work from you, you can now enjoy the time with your dog as you can now work together with clear communication between both you and your dog.

This has been a worthwhile investment that you can now enjoy for life.


What days do you run the Master Dog program?

Master Dog training days are weekly, Tuesday through Friday. Holidays may alter days, but we always run a 4 day training week.

Private Lessons are Tuesday through Saturday. Fridays are reserved for active Master Dog clients.

Friday evenings we offer a complimentary drop in class for our Master Dog clients to come and practice in a group atmosphere. 

Is there a payment plan?

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a spot in our Master Dog program. This deposit goes toward the program you choose. 

From there, we require 50% payment on your dog’s first day of training. The remaining balance is due on your dog’s last day in our training program.