Obstacle Course Training

If you are looking for something fun and engaging to do with your dog, look no further!

Dogs and humans love the obstacle course!

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Confidence Building

Our obstacle course is a great way to help your dog build confidence. Little feels better than watching your dog successfully work through the process of being unsure of something, going through the process and seeing they can do it and then watching how proud they are when they conquer their fears.

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Relationship Growing

Teaching your dog our obstacle course is a bonding experience for both you and your dog. As you work through the process of learning in a fun way, it truly helps to bring you and your dog closer together.

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Mental and Physical Training

Physical and mental exercise are both important aspects of having a well-balanced dog and our obstacle course is a fun way for you to give your dog both of those in one place.

Obstacle Course Options

Open Training

Come in during our open training hours and teach your dog at your own pace along with other participants. Treats and beverages available for purchase.
$12 entry for open training.

Obstacle Course Lessons

Learn the course one on one with a trainer.
Whether you are just starting out or looking for some help in specific areas, having a trainer help you and your dog is a way to quickly get ahead. Private lessons are $45 per 30-minute lesson.

Obstacle Course Rental

Want to practice without distractions?
Private course rental is available at $25 per 20-minute time slot. No other dogs will be allowed on the course during that time, giving you the space you need to encourage and teach your dog without distractions.

Group Rental

Have a dog birthday coming up or just want to get a group of dog friends together to play on the obstacles? We offer group space rental!

Call us for more information on group rentals!