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The most innovative way to bring personal dog training into your home!

We are able to bring the most advanced and effective methods of training right into your home (or anywhere for that matter) with the click of a button. You will receive a personal trainer along with a program that will help you to achieve all of your training goals, allowing you to easily and effectively train your dog to the level you want. Your customized program will guide you step by step enabling you to achieve your goals quickly and with ease.

Every family is unique and there is no one trick that works for all dogs or situations. Looking at the temperament of both dog and handler is a crucial step in deciding what approach to take. With years of experience, we are able to quickly evaluate the temperament of both handler and dog to come up with the best approach for you and your dog.

There is no longer a need to bring your dog to a crowded classroom around other unruly dogs to learn a general set of behaviors that you may never need when you can have your own personal trainer guiding you and helping you to achieve the exact personal goals that you desire without ever having to leave your home.

We can help you!

Dog Training Boise - Adventure K-9 Canine K9 Nampa Eagle Meridian

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience gives you and your dog communication with each other. Your trainer will walk you step by step through the training process. With easy to follow instructions and guides and a trainer there to help, you will soon have the well-behaved dog you always wanted.
Dog Training Boise - Adventure K-9 Canine K9 Nampa Eagle Meridian

Advanced Obedience

You’ve mastered the basics and decided training is both fun and rewarding for you and your dog. No need to stop at the basics. Your trainer can assist you beyond the basic obedience and help you to make your dog a super star.  Whether you want a more advanced level of training or you want to teach your dog fun and useful tricks, your trainer will help you take it to the next level.
Dog Training Boise - Adventure K-9 Canine K9 Nampa Eagle Meridian

Puppy Training

There is no better way to have a solid and enjoyable relationship with your dog than to start out correctly from the beginning. Avoid negative learned behaviors and know how to prevent potential struggles by setting yourself and your puppy up for success. If you are thinking about getting a new dog, set up a puppy consultation. We can help you with what to look for when selecting a puppy, what supplies you will need before bringing your puppy home, and talk through what to do when you bring your new puppy home to make it an easy transition. If you have a puppy already, we can assist you with the supplies you need along with how to properly manage and train your puppy, setting you up for a lifetime of success and fun with your dog. Avoid sometimes costly and frustrating mistakes of trial and error and talk with the experts who will guide you through the steps to success with your new companion.
Dog Training Boise - Adventure K-9 Canine K9 Nampa Eagle Meridian

Problem Behaviors

House Training, Chewing, Barking, Jumping, Leash Pulling, Biting, Food Aggression, Dog Aggression, Separation Anxiety, etc. No matter the problems you are facing with your dog, we are here to help you. Sign up for a consultation and your trainer will discuss the problems you are having and assist you in coming up with a solution to fix it.
Dog Training Boise - Adventure K-9 Canine K9 Nampa Eagle Meridian

Rescue Dog Help

Rescue dogs often need a little extra love, attention, and training. We can help you work through rescue specific issues such as separation anxiety, fear, and other learned behaviors.
Dog Training Boise - Adventure K-9 Canine K9 Nampa Eagle Meridian


Whether you have a dog that is aggressive towards other people, children, or other dogs, we can help. Schedule a consultation with a trainer and we can help you work through any aggression issues your dog may be having.

Every dog and owner has different needs.

There is no single training program that works for everyone. Here is your chance to have a live consultation and train with a top-class trainer from anywhere you want. Get customized support via live video now!

Virtual Zoom Dog Training Boise

One on One Video Training

Cost: $55


This is a one on one video session where you will have an opportunity to live chat with a trainer. You will be able to discuss in detail the issues you are experiencing and the goals you would like to accomplish with your dog. During the consultation, the trainer will be able to give you feedback about why you might be experiencing your current issues and they can help direct you towards solutions to reach your goals. Within 24 hrs. of your session, you will receive a personal conclusion email from your trainer. Your customized email will include an overview of your recent session along with your trainer’s recommendations. Many people will find solutions to their dog’s troubling behaviors with a single session. If you require additional help, you will have access to add on consultations for a discounted price. Press here to get on our schedule! You will receive an email shortly with instructions to make the process easy!

Session max time of 45 minutes.